Sunday, October 05, 2003

I like the way the adverts at the top of this page correspond to the blog title. Very clever. Well, if you've done a google on 'teeth' and reached my blog then here are a few things I'd like you to know:

1. In the paper the other day there was an advertisement from a dentist who wanted to come back to Ireland to practice and he was looking for, 'an ethical practice'. Interesting. what, I wonder, is an unethical practice like ?

2. My new dentist doesn't give me as many fillings as my old one. This could be because my old dentist has already filled up the majority of my teeth. Or i guess it could just be a coincidence.

3. Cats lose their baby teeth just like humans. And, also like humans, male cats have nipples which they have no real use for.

Ciao folks. it'd be nice if this post appears with the correct time on it.....
As usual where computers are concerned I am baffled by the way things happen once I put finger to key. Give me a simple task, like writing this and publishing it, say, and you can bet everything will have disappeared or danced a little jig around the world wide web all on its owny-o within minutes of me pressing the designated key. Hey ho.