Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Here are two things from the world of science that evade my understanding (there are many):

1. Mirrors. How do they work then ? I mean, how. the. heck. do. they. work? They can see round corners and everything. Do they only reflect what I can see ? Or do they reflect everything ? When my cat's looking in the mirror and I'm looking at him in it from another angle are there two cats in the mirror ? How does that work ?!

2. Circles. How do we really know the earth is a sphere ? OK we know it's not flat. And we know it's not a square. And some people in a space ship saw it one time and it appears to be round (and also blue, and there's nothing we can do...). But completely spherical ? Come on ! Have you ever tried to draw a circle without using a cup ? It's bloody difficult ! And how do they get footballs to be a sphere ? (A cup is probably used at some point in their manufacture.... but then, what about cups ?)

My daughter is trying to see what will happen if she swallows her sock. I guess scientific curiosity runs in the family.

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mrs tumnus said...

love your blog. it makes me smile.

mirrors: you should read the two-books-in-a-series (couplet/ biology??) by stephen donaldson entitled "the mirror of her dreams". they have mirrors in them.

the earth is actually slightly squashed at the poles and a bit wider round the equator.