Monday, June 13, 2005

I miss paper :(

Last week in my mother's roofspace I found a bag of letters from years ago. Some were very funny. Some a bit dull. Some from people who I couldn't remember at all. I had several letters from someone called 'Alan' and for ages I sat there wondering who on earth Alan might be. The letters didn't give much of a clue. They were all about fantasy books, orks and whatnot, and rock music. So that narrowed it down to just about everyone I met at University then.

Then I remembered Alan. He was someone I'd met at university after all. He had told me on first meeting that he thought I'd be quite attractive if I lost some weight. Having registered my offence he went into hyperapologetic mode. I actually think he might have been autistic to some degree as not many people would say something like that (although I fear many think it) and truly believe it is a compliment. Anyway. I lied and said it was fine and we forged a whole friendship (apparently- since all I can remember about him was his doomed chat up line) based on this lie.

Wow. I'd almost blotted it all out. Must try harder next time.

I do miss paper though. Despite having cursed it all day as I stuck many maaaaany layers of Christmas wrapping paper to the windows of our bedroom (Ana now wakes with the dawn at 5am, blackout curtains are too expensive, in fact black cardboard is beyond our budget at the minute). Let's start a revolution ! Write me a paper letter and I'll write you one back ! We can be like, pen buddies, or whatever they used to be called. I'll give you my address if you email me. Well, the revolution can always start tomorrow, can't it?


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