Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Amos Michael Oman

Brilliant picture guys. He's a wee pet !
And you two look far too fabulous to have just been through a birth. Did you stage this photo months ago ?


Trevor said...

Way to go Lucy and Tudor!!

mister tumnus said...

trevor, lyndon and ruth have also had another (their third would you believe). lyndon would like to get in touch with you. if you send me an email i'll pass on his email address.

Kellie said...

Yeah they look way too fresh and composed. I bet they just photoshopped the baby in!

Anonymous said...

gwendolin here
i was thinking about the 2 of you as i've missed church
and with the new baby you may not be there this sunday
all my love
and best
and respect
look how AMAZING lucy looks
(as ever)