Monday, July 11, 2005

Ana wanted to sit in her cot today. That was all. Sit. In Her Cot. She did not want to sit in her buggy in the pub. She did not want to be held. She did not want to be wheeled about. And she certainly did not want a large lorry to drive past. She did not want to sleep in her cot, or suck a dummy, or drink any milk, or sing a song. She wanted to sit, was all. Sit and practice her David Gray head wobble. Fair enough.

It is 26 degrees inside our house. I am wearing a maternity dress and wondering why I ever bought it in the first place. It is one of those princess-Di -style floral-nightmare-tent efforts. Hope no-one comes to the door. I won’t answer it if they do.


thehomelessguy said...

congrats on the photo achievement. Good pic too.

AngelFire said...

So cute! Don't you love the days when only one thing will satisfy them?

mister tumnus said...

it's a real fun game.... :)

thanx youse two, 4 readin and writin