Friday, July 01, 2005

I am eating toast and feeling mildly guilty. Last night I spoke to a friend who had lost a lot of weight recently. 'How'd you do it?' I asked. 'Give up bread, rice, pasta, sugar and alcohol and don't eat after 7.30pm'.


Yeah right. Why not go for a spot of self-immolation while you're at it ? 'I don't think I could give up alcohol,' I said, 'It's the summer ! I have to drink gin in the garden !' 'You can't have everything,' he said.

So here I am, eating toast with the voice of HAL from 2001-A Space Odyssey in my head ('I don't think you should do that Shirley, I really wouldn't do that if I were you..') contemplating making a lasagne with aubergine strips instead of lasagne sheets (wouldn't it just be called 'aubergine' then ?).

I don't know. I am sure I could invent ways to retain the pounds even if I did give up all that stuff. Eating nothing but goats' cheese for example. (How does the apostrophe work for goats' cheese ? I mean, if you said 'My goat's cheese' or 'My goats' cheese' it would mean 'The cheese of my goat/goats'. It is probably 'goats' cheese' all the same.)

And not-eating after 7.30pm is right out since sometimes I have to have my breakfast at 8pm when bubs goes to sleep. I might try giving up alcohol though, just for fun.

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