Saturday, July 16, 2005

The new Harry Potter is out today. I got it for Ian for his birthday. People are talking about going into hiding for a few days to read it. I will have to go into hiding to stop people telling me about it because I’ve only just started the last book. I successfully managed to avoid being told what happened in it which I think is pretty good as I’m an English teacher. Actually maybe that’s why; the students probably either figured I’d already read it or they didn’t want to appear too enthusiastic in case I got all excited and proposed a project based around it or something. One girl had read it within two days of it coming out and told Ian the ending. One time I was watching Jack Dee on TV and he told the audience the ending of The Sixth Sense. I have never quite forgiven him for that. It made it impossible to watch the film without thinking that I would have worked it out anyway. So no spoilers on Potter please ! (Even though it will be a really long time before I read it and I will probably have forgotten about Dumbledore’s death, or whatever….)

I love Patti Smith. My great new ipod shuffle (which I shall refer to as my GNIPS from now on) has made me fall in love with her all over again. As I look through my cds I keep on thinking I have a Franz Ferdinand album. I don’t- it’s just the box. I lent the head of our school David Gray’s last album and he gave it back to me in a Franz Ferdinand box (probably to demonstrate that he is cooler than me, which he is). I wish it was the Franz Ferdinand cd. I like the David Gray ok but much preferred his older stuff, particularly ‘A Century Ends’. If I had a Franz Ferdinand cd I could pretend I was cool as well…. Actually, I could just wait until someone lends me a cd and then return it in the Franz Ferdinand box! I bet that’s what my boss did actually.


Ed said...

I had a dream last night (a nightmare, even) where I saw this film which tuned out to be the film version of the new Harry Potter, and it only lasted about 10 minutes. It was so lame, about some cat burgler who snook into Hogwarts and that was it. :"that's ruined the whole book for me, now!" i thought.

mister tumnus said...

like your blog ed. i have a great recipe for you and will post it later today you hungry little pixie you !

Ed said...

I will have to make it again when I have all the ingreients. Then get my arse in gear and update the blog some time!