Saturday, July 16, 2005

oh for goodness' sake !

would you believe after my boastful claim that I was doing pretty well having avoided finding out the plot of the last HP, I went and stumbled across it about 20 minutes later ? d'oh ! Mesmerised by the new shiny HP book sitting on the shelf I took a look inside the dust jacket. The first sentence tells you who dies in the last book !!! I can't believe it. Fate bites my bum once again. Serves me right for being so smug I suppose.

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AngelFire said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry you discovered who died like that. Enjoy reading it anyways :)

Our copy of the new HP just arrived. This year instead of braving crowds of very excited kids we got lazy and preordered it online. It actually arrived on the day of release! Not that it wouldn't have been more exciting to get a copy at midnight last night somewhere but to drag our two littles ones out just for a book? Not this time!