Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Not far from the busy bit of Newcastle town you can get onto a bit of beach which is not covered in green slime. It’s great because if it’s not a sweltering hot day you can almost guarantee it’ll be more or less deserted. So about 5 minutes walk and you can feel totally alone on a lovely stretch of sand looking out to sea or up at the hills. It’s magic.

I was walking along there today and a helicopter flew past. It was pretty low. Low enough to see that it wasn’t an army helicopter. It flew from the direction of the hills across the beach and out of my view. Quite exciting. But then it came back. And it started to get lower. It was flying right towards me as it descended. It was really quite scary and I even tried to move out of its way (like, in case it hadn’t seen me and was about to land on me… because like, I’m so tiny and hard to spot…). But before it got to where I was it veered across to the hotel along the beach and landed.

I went up to the hotel to have a nosey. I thought it might be some famous/ extremely rich golfers. Must have been as three of the hotel staff came out to carry in all their golf equipment. None of them were Tiger Woods and as he is the only famous golfer I know of I can only conclude that they were merely very rich, and not famous.

It was all quite exciting I thought. Must be a bit what it’s like to have a spaceship land in your back garden. A bit.


[jp/p] said...

Wish I could've seen that. Sounds disparately beautiful, helicopters and sand.

Could you post a picture sometime of that precious strip of earth?

mister tumnus said...

i was just thinking today that i should take a photo sometime. yup. will do.