Sunday, May 21, 2006

What's the Password?

I'm sick. Well, obviously. But no, I've got like some sort of virus too. My body feels like lead. One of the things I miss about being at work is that you can take a day off when you're not well and lie in bed. You can't get a day off from babydom. But the Teletubbies can provide some respite at least.

Enough whinging. Last night watching Eurovision. And Big Brother. Why am I drawn to Big Brother? Why?! I think I really hate whoever produces it. In my mind I see them as the boys on the bus who bullied me when I was a kid. They're so cynical. And clinical. Ugh.

So far I like Pete and Shahbaz. I'm sure I couldn't live with them but then again, I'm not brilliant at living with anyone really. I think Shahbaz is a lot more self aware than the rest of them think (how irritating is it to hear someone tell someone else to 'just be yourself!' less than a day after meeting them?) and Pete's just a wee cutie. I'm sure I'll change my mind (so cynical.....)

Eurovision was a spooky as ever. Frightening acts included the one with the puppet and the one with the lady in the piano. It was fitting that Finland won. See the title link for my favourite ever Eurovision entry.

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