Thursday, September 07, 2006


It is my birthday tomorrow. So in honour of myself I googled-imaged 'Shirley'.

I found, amongst other things;
  • a very scary looking Shirley Temple doll,
  • a school in New Zealand called 'Shirley High School for Boys',
  • a photograph of someone's gravestone (Shirley's),
  • a painting of a man with a beard called 'Portrait of Shirley',
  • a 9200lb elephant called Shirley (and you can buy a t-shirt with her picture on. How glad am I that this knowledge was not available when I was a teenager?),
  • a picture of Shirley McClaine in a green outfit
  • and the knowledge that there are several places called 'Shirley' and a number of flowers.

    Lilies are my favourite sort of flower ( not this sort, although I like them very much) . But oddly, the 'Shirley' lily is the sort that my mother-in-law buys me every-so-often. I didn't know until today that that's what they were called. The power of google.


Rainbow dreams said...

Happy Birthday - have a wonderful day

mister tumnus said...


The Harbour of Ourselves said...

I just did a search and got an image of shirley crabtree - aka the wrestler Big Daddy! What's that all about?

happy birthday

mister tumnus said...

oh bugger. i spent my whole childhood hoping no-one would find out that parituclar piece of information.... congratulations harbour, you're the first! his name is really shirley.... and we don't look alike.... honest....

mister tumnus said...

parituclar? what?

The Harbour of Ourselves said...

you have to get up pretty early to catch me!

the only reason I know that is because my grandma used to love saturday wrestling, particularly big daddy vs giant haystacks - then me and my brother would wrestle, pushing cushions up our shirts to pretend we were our heroes!

can't believe i just said that

mister tumnus said...

my granny used to love wrestling too !

mister tumnus said...

watching it, i mean.

AngelFire said...

Happy Birthday Shirley! I hope it's a marvelous day for you! :)