Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Body Of Christ

Wanted to blog this mainly for Paul because it was the talk of eucharist lately that gave me the idea.

Last month's ikon (see title link) saw us bringing our our 'station' to St George's. My idea is pictured here. During the evening particpants were invited to explore each station and take what they would from it. I remember something Pete said about ikon being a desert in the oasis. And I say to myself, thank god for that.

I had borrowed the communion kit from a friend of mine. It was used in the trenches apparently.

I so wanted to keep it.

The chalice contained bits of red paper and people were invited to write the names of those, living or dead, that they remembered. Then they would leave the names on the plate.

It all looked nicer in St George's than on my bedroom floor. We had candles and everything.

The script behind the cup and plate read as follows:

These are the saints I remember
These are the saints I think of
These are the saints I eat and drink Christ with

This is the body
We are the body

The body of Christ

The living body
The body immortal
The dead body
The body eternal

The body of Christ

The charmless body
The tired body
The body beautiful
The failing body

The body of Christ

The forsaken body
The swollen pregnant body
The empty, empty body
The hopeful body
The body rejected
The body desired

The body of Christ

The innocent body
The addicted body
The body joyful
The body terrible
The captive body
The emerging body

The body of Christ

The impoverished body
The decorated body
The body held
The body abused
The body broken

The body broken

The body broken

The body of Christ



The Harbour of Ourselves said...

love this, really do - the eucharist, in making no sense, actually is the only part of my faith that does make sense

did you write the liturgy?

mister tumnus said...

yes i did write it. i can totally identify with what you are saying about the eucahrist. in fact i think that in recent months as my 'faith' in other aspects of christianity has diminished i have found even more reality in the eucharist as a mystery.

having said that, the last time i actually had communion in a church was months ago.

Suzanna said...

I'm writing of course because like the two of you I am finding a greater fulfillment in the times I shared the eucharist than any other ritual of late.
At times I've wanted the answers because there were such things for the questions I had.
But now I am in a place of spirit that refuses to be answered and there is nothing that seems as right as this mystery of Christ being in our crafting of the Eucharist and the Mysterious participation of Himself.
I love being a part of the table that you set.