Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hey Lizzie!

This post is for my mum who hasn't seen any picturs of Ana at Greenbelt yet. In the picture on the left she has just been taken from the creche and you can see her wristband and her stickers which say 'I've seen animals' and 'I've seen puppets'. Her paper bag contains raisins. Yum.


honey said...

Aw, Ana's cute, Mr T. I once went to Greenbelt, sooo long ago that I'm embarrassed to say, when it and me were both strictly evangelical (I gather it's not so much any more, and I'm not at all). But I found the sticker for it the other day, and am not even prepared to say what year it had on it... I wonder if I could make a killing on Ebay for it.

Anyway I wanted to thank you for your Mary Oliver poem from Ronsonland, it really touched me and I'll be reading it daily for a bit, looking for myself, which I dearly need right now as the world spins a bit wildly. Something akin to your thoughts about Venn diagrams and where words intersect with lives. I used to attribute that to God too, a long time ago.

Have you ever heard The Innocence Mission? There songs remind me of some of your words here: the smack my now strictly reductionist world view on the nose gently and make me think again. Which is always good.

mister tumnus said...
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mister tumnus said...

hey welcome honey! i haven't heard the innocence mission but they do cound familiar.

i've found myself ruminating on mary oliver's poems quite a bit myself lately. they are fab.

can i plaug someone else's blog which you might enjoy? (i can't do links yet. i am so crap at all this!) it's: