Thursday, February 08, 2007


Many thanks to my step-neice, Emma, for taking these photos. There are other pieces I didn't get pictures of (notably Cary's collection which I thought was beautiful) but I'm hoping Ricky's will be on the web at some stage. Very nice evening with some lovely poetry from Padraig and a very-Pete homily on the meaning of Ikon.


Rainbow dreams said...

great to see some of the exhibition - if I lived close I'd come and see first hand - cheers,x

mister tumnus said...

thanks rd. it is a really nice collection and i am really pleased to be part of it. i hope some more pictures of it end up on the web somewhere.

Rainbow dreams said...

can I ask you to point me in the right direction if you find them then?

Am liking the green cardigan, though I am drawn to the ideas - I love your description about your heart painting - it's refreshing to be exposed to different peoples thoughts - so often the art that is on show publicly here is so predictable, I'm not sure exactly what it expresses, cheers, Katie