Monday, April 09, 2007

we see things as we are

Excuse the quality of this picture, it was taken with my phone. Last night's ikon was (IMHO) a fairly beautiful gathering involving duvets, candles, some gorgeous singing, stories tough and tender, liturgy, coincidently magical visuals and, of course, chocolate.

Now off to bed to recover (again) from this wretched cold. Hope everyone's Easter was blessed. This always feels like the start of a new year to me.


Rainbow dreams said...

I was thinking of you last night at ikon, something that intruiges me and I would have loved to be a part of... had I been in the right geographical area that is :)

I wouldn't say it always feels like then start of a new year, but on reflection, this year probably does more than most....

hope the cold disappears soon, Happy Easter, Katie

mister tumnus said...

thanks katie. i have had this cold off and on since before christmas. it's getting to be a nuisance! hope you are well.