Wednesday, August 29, 2007

sewing a rainbow at greenbelt

I spent most of the Saturday sewing many metres of scarves together for the ikon event. I don't know the exact measurements but there must have been over 40 metres donated from ikon members, friends, family etc. Thanks so much to everyone!

I found a shady spot and laid them all out end to end.

Then I sewed them and rolled them up for later that evening.

Meanwhile others were making the 'Tower of Truth' dress for Jayne to wear.

More words later. First day back at school today and going to Donegal on Friday so lots to do. My feet still hurt from all those late night walks to the 'nice' toilets at the top of the campsite. Click on the 'some photos' link to your right to see a couple more of ikon at greenbelt.


The Harbour of Ourselves said...

twas good to see you.....ah, knitting - now you don't get that at spring harvest!!!

am sure it's a gift of the spirit.....

Julie said...

Hi Mr. Tumnus

I had no idea until now! that you were part of Ikon. I went at Greenbelt and it was revelatory for me... I recently wrote a blog post kinda inspired by my Ikon experience plus my own's here

Any chance of Ikon multiplying to England???

love Julie

mister tumnus said...

hi julie. yes i've been with the ikon folk for about a year. last year at gb i was in the audience having a revelatory experience of my own! i kind of wish i'd seen this year's one. it was so much fun to be a part of it though!

i don't think we are planning a church planting escapade or anything i'm afraid! but anytime you're in belfast please look us up and come along!

Julie said...


Yes I do know you from Pauls blog! Great stuff from Ikon. Bit out on my own here in Oxford but will keep in touch via blogs and the Ikon site. Would love to get over to Belfast one day.Let's keep in touch - yes!

Shine on