Friday, October 19, 2007

Long Time No Blog

Hey there mommas.

It has been some time. This is due to many things. It's been mighty busy since the start of September. Amongst other things I've gone back to work two days a week (which is more like three days really) and Ana and Ian both got sick a few weeks ago. And then my wee sister had to have her baby when she was just 26 weeks pregnant. I won't into details but it was a dramatic week resulting in the arrival of baby Megan (weight 1 lb, 2 oz). Mum and baby are hanging in there! Mags is home from the hospital and Megan will have to stay there for a while. She wasn't meant to be out of the womb until the New Year so as you can imagine things are maybe a bit confusing for her right now.....

Here's some pics you lovely chicks.

Autumn is here, my shed is here and we be painting.


Rainbow dreams said...

wow, many congratulations to your sister and welcome to Megan... keen to experience this scary world outside... thoughts and prayers too.
Guess what? - I'm still waiting for my shed to be built! - yours looks lovely.. :)
where are those hand prints going?
Love Katie

Awareness said...

are those the wee gegs hands?

My thoughts and heart prayers for little Megan. My little sister experienced the same....had her son Thomas at 26 weeks. He's now 4 1/2 and thriving..... He's our smartie pants miracle who has no trouble keeping up with his big cousins.

take care.......hope things have slowed down a bit.

mister tumnus said...

thanks you two, for the thoughts and prayers, very much.

rd, i suggest the employment of a superhero by the name of 'shedman'. he looks like an ordinary man and he might even get on your nerves as you are arranging the terms of delivery of your shed.... but he can save people with his powers of shed building!

awareness, yes, those are the wee geg's hands alright! nothing she likes better....

Rainbow dreams said...

Thanks Mr T, the latest update is that our local superhero 'shed man' was last seen disguised as his close cousin 'bench man', also a quite ordinary looking man, trying to convince his admiring public that a rather lovely bench was a suitable substitute for a shed... that was before the rainy season started!
I'm so pleased your superhero decided to stay focused on the job he was supposed to do :)

mister tumnus said...

i think the secret is that i paid my shedman lots of money not to leave me a bench instead of a shed!superheroes respond well to this sort of incentive.... unfortunately it means that i am now completely broke... lets hope santa is a more charitable superhero!