Thursday, May 17, 2007

get thee to a runnery!*

Wanted to plug this book. Does exactly what is says on the tin (so far). I'm not exactly at Willow's level yet but it's quite fun to be following a fitness programme that doesn't seem as if it was designed merely to mock me. If I can do this anyone can. Don't look for me on the main roads though, I've been frequenting quiet country lanes at twilight, pretending I'm out for a walk if a rogue tractor passes by!

*with thanks to DrG for the title

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Took Ana down to the beach this afternoon. She saw a girl with a kite and chased them both the whole length of the beach shouting, 'The butterfly! The butterfly!'

Sometimes the days are very, very good :)

Sunday, May 06, 2007

bohemian! it's bohemian, ok?!

I swear I'm going to have that made into a banner for my kitchen wall.

7.30am this morning and I was lamenting being awake. Only those with small children are awake at this time on a Sunday, I thought. We were at my cousin's wedding yesterday and even though Ana had been up (with Ian. Thanks!) since 5.30am that morning and didn't go to bed until 10pm, still she wanted to get up and rock at 7.30 this morning. Lordy.

Then I read this on Sarah's blog and felt immediately better. I am thinking of you, Mairi, and everyone else who walks the path of warpy thoughts between the washing machine and the imagination. What did Charles Bukowski know about getting up at 5.30am on a Saturday against his will, eh?!