Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Machinery of Grace

by Michael Donaghy

Dearest, note how these two are alike:
This harpsicord pavane by Purcell
And the racer's twelve-speed bike.

The machinery of grace is always simple.
This chrome trapezoid, one wheel connected
To another of concentric gears,
Which Ptolemy dreamt of and Schwinn perfected,
Is gone. The cyclist, not the cycle, steers.
And in the playing, Purcell's chords are played away.

So this talk, or touch if I were there,
Should work its effortless gadgetry of love,
Like Dante's heaven, and melt into the air.

If it doesn't, of course, I've fallen. So much is chance,
So much agility, desire, and feverish care,
As bicyclists and harpsicordists prove

Who only by moving can balance,
Only by balancing move.


me said...

the effects of the poetry module are indeed being felt... :-) thanks for your words, mister t. much appreciated.

Rainbow dreams said...

I am loving this, and strangely by being left there for me to read every time I come by my brain is absorbing the words... hope all is well with you, Katie,x

Rainbow dreams said...

Hi, missing you here....are you ok?..Katie

mister tumnus said...

hiya. thanks for your message! yes, i'm still around! havn't posted in a while. partly because i am having a fling with facebook and partly because things have just been mad lately! perhaps i'll do another soon. amazed that anyone still drops by!! xx

Rainbow dreams said...
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Rainbow dreams said...

lol, pleased you're ok - yes I pop by when I am passing :)
Have the occasional flutter with facebook but perhaps am not dedicated enough to it to dally more than that...
hope things settle down soon for you,

sorry, just reposted without my e mail visible to all on the end :)