Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Like the Sea

Heard Don Cupitt in Belfast last night and am still thinking about it today. He talked about the 'outsidelessness' of the world, as he sees it, 'the world of our language, an ever changing continuum like the sea, with nothing anchored, or objective'.

I am thinking about the world of our language today. How careful we must be. How careless I often am. How much I am looking forward to taking a break from teaching. People ask me what I am going to do instead. I think the truth is that I intend to spend some time alone thinking. Because it's been some time since I did that and I really feel the lack of it. I want to figure out ways to be more careful with the world of our language, for, as Don said last night,

'It is a world to which we all contribute, for as we have inherited one construction of everything, so we will bequeath another'

What world am I constructing for Ana? For the students I teach? What language do I want to exist in response to Iris Robinson? I know that the sea of violence must pass, that we must make it pass, if we want it to pass.

I'm not sure about 'outsidelessness' but I do know that the inside of the world belongs to us.

May we speak it anew.


Raindog said...

Hey ya...

I liked the outsidelessness. It is where i think we are. No-one able to step outside of it, no-one able to get a "god's eye view". We are bound to language...and it is a blessing and a curse. Then, i also thought about my co-dependency, and remembered something you said about hating misunderstandings...and I wonder if language is that place where we try to live out the fantasy of control. Over worrying about other people's feelings...worrying if our words will be curses or blessings, when, that is probably out of our hands to a large extent. maybe?

Nice to see you blogging again chum

mister tumnus said...

hello! great to see you here :)

it's a doublesided thing for me, i think. yes, good to be reminded of the control issues- thank you! the constant struggle against my own fantasy of control.... think it will always be an issue :)

but i wonder also if 'control' and 'power' aren't slightly different in some way. something happens when we attempt to communicate... i think for me giving up the fantasy of control doesn't mean never having to try to exercise power carefully (does that make sense?). i guess we do our best and then let it go. maybe....

i am lazy about words a lot of the time. i think that's where i'm coming from at the minute. just needing to recognise that something is happening when i speak, even when words fail, which they tend to do.

what do you think?

Rainbow dreams said...

It often bothers me how careless I am without meaning to be with my words, because they are so important.
And then I try to remember that often people don't always recall the exact words that were spoken but they do remember how someone made them feel...
it's not always about what we say but what we communicate..

And yet words are so powerful - I read other people's writing and wonder what it would be like to have had those very thoughts and to have written them, what it would be like to be inside their somehow express the inexpressible coherently

so often I am stuck with a few words - and thank goodness we're not solely dependent on them.

Enjoy your break and wherever it may take you :)

Anonymous said...

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