Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I've just made Ana her first itunes playlist. It contains all her very favourite tunes including:

The Theme From S-Express (S-Express)
Vertigo (U2)
Suddenly I See (KT Tunstall)
14th Street (Rufus Wainwright)
The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song (Flaming Lips)
Upside Down (Jack Johnson)

Her favourites are S-Express and the Rufus Wainwright (which she won't talk during). I have noticed her digging Billy Joel lately do that'll be going on, along with the Proclaimers, very soon.

The first song I can remember really loving was 'You're the One That I Want' from Grease. I was about Ana's age when that came out as a single so maybe she'll remember this stuff too in years to come.

What's the first song you can remember loving?


kellie said...

Mull of Kintyre. I made my dad buy it for me on 45. I sang it for my kindergarten class. It's still the only song featuring bagpipes that I like.

mister tumnus said...

ah brilliant! i used to love that one too.

Mog said...

Ha!the Bucks Fizz song that won the Eurovision... Oh God, how nice it is to have been made a stereotype.

I was five going on six. Now who's saying shite about some things not being genetic?


mister tumnus said...


'makin' your mind up'? as if it was a choice..... :) :)

Dave said...

My 1st memory of liking music was Prince Charming by Adam and the Ants.

I love Ana's little playlist. Sammy seems to like "Welcome to the Jungle" & "Sweet Child of Mine" as Rachel used to play appetite for destruction CD going into work every morning when she was preggers.

Here's Sammy rocking out to MC Hammer......


Rainbow dreams said...

I remember loving puff the magic dragon when I stayed at one friends house..
and then my very best friend had a really old record player that could stack records on it and we played Eleanor Rigby over and over again... imagining we were Eleanor..

green faerie said...

ooo. my first 'real' song was heart of glass by blondie.