Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Three Reasons I Love Second Hand Bookshops

1. They leave you alone in there

The owner of a second hand bookshop will not follow you around, assessing if you are the type who is about to spend a fortune on their goods before asking you if you 'need help' to spend your money. Sometimes they will ignore you completely. This is a rather beautiful experience in my opinion. You can spend a very long time in a second hand bookshop without feeling in the slightest bit conspicuous.

2. The Derren Brown factor

There is a kind game I play in second hand bookshops, especially in the type of shop where the books are in double rows and you have to remove piles of books to find the ones lurking behind. If you are looking for a certain book eventually you get this feeling like if you think hard enough about the title of the author it will soon show up as if it was waiting there for you the whole time. The times when this works will be worth an entire afternoon of searching and you can walk out of the store feeling like a Jedi knight AND you'll have the book too! What could be better?

3. Everyone wins

When you find said sought-after book you feel like it is worth a lot of money due to the (physical but, remember, also mental) effort you have put into its discovery. Look inside the cover- it only costs £1.20! You might feel slightly guilty as you bring it to the counter, as if you ought to pay more, only to be told you can have it for a quid. Second hand bookshops don't make a lot of money. They are delighted with your custom! If you still feel bad, pay the full asking price! Everybody wins!


Auntie Doris said...

Oh I adore bookshops too. One of my local charity shops also has a 10p box outside. I get something from there most days... even if I hate the book it has only cost me a few pennies. Genius!

Rainbow dreams said...

Second hand bookshops always feel like rummaging in someone elses attic, they are a real treasure trove waiting to be discovered.

I love the smell and the feel and the anticipation of unearthing something precious and valuable - it's also a piece of some one elses history, which always gets me wondering - and it's also the feeling I get searching through second hand record stores.

love this post :)

Ian said...

Hi :)

Just thought i'd take a look at your blog after remembering about being shown it. I find that buying VHS from charity shops is good because:

1. You are giving money to charity and making more room in the shop
2. You have quite a choice of old skool items 'Mr Bean comic relief special' that might not be on DVD
3. VHS is still a valid medium. I prefer watching Rocky on VHS because you can put it in, stop it, and come back to it and play it from the same spot.
4. Afterwards you can give it back to the charity shop

How you doing anyway?

Cousin Ian x