Friday, August 01, 2008

everybody row

There was glitter, there was doom and each was indebted to the other.

That is what I love about Tom Waits. Well, one of the things. In a circus tent theatre in the middle of Dublin he can have a few thousand people singing 'misery is the river of the world' with such joy that it all seems to make perfect sense.

The first time I felt like I really needed the music of Tom Waits I was pregnant with Ana and driving to the hospital for another check up. Feeling all the feelings of pregnancy (sometimes all at once) and getting sometimes overwhelmed with thoughts about life inside life, listening to Heartattack and Vine on that overcast drive had me thinking that maybe everything would be OK as long as there were artists in the world who were committed to being blistering honest about the emotional changes inherent in a human lifetime. I knew how Saul felt with David conjuring his spirits.

I need Tom Waits. I need someone who can sing 'you're falling down' in a voice that raises up. Such a ferocious and beautiful voice. How sweet the sound. It was a wonderful night.

P.S. I've added a title link to less self-indulgent review! :)


paulwchambers said...

now i really am soooooo blooody jealous...i read the review in the times of his gig in Scotland....

am speechless - i have never seen him in concert - wow you!!!!! so pleased for you - sorry am rambling like a blinking idiot, just think they broke the mould with tom - utter genius!

Rainbow dreams said...

Love the image..

things like that just dont happen over here.. reminds me I must get off this rock sometime!

Tom was a big part of my life music wise for about five years or so when I was at college, and just after, but it's only been recently that I have started listening to him again...he is strangely comforting.

mister tumnus said...

rd, yes. what is it that comforts in his music? it's extraordinary.

cs, yes. it was captivating. he should be available on presricption.

Rainbow dreams said...

I'm not sure exactly what it is that comforts..
perhaps it's the rough raw honesty of having lived, both in his words and in his voice that do it..
extraordinary though

like the link too