Saturday, August 02, 2008

Great Things About Northern Ireland Part 2

I didn't make it to Belfast Pride today unfortunately but, via the magic of Facebook, I did get to hear some of the stories and see some of the pictures. So glad the sun was shining on everyone. Happy Pride everyone! This picture was taken by Ian Mobsby who has blogged about Pride here. He said that this woman just kept smiling at everyone, even when she was berated by the fundamentalist Christians who had come to protest.
Another from Ian. This makes me happy.
Cary's picture.
And another from Cary. Changing Attitude is the group I was meaning to be with today. I can see Willow in the background here! They got big cheers from friendly onlookers.

A day like this should make us all hopeful.

Thanks for the photos guys.


Anonymous said...

oh to have one of these in sleepy guernsey - i might even paint my nails...

looked like a very good day pointing out a very important truth

Rainbow dreams said...

great photos from what sounds like a good day communicating an important message

maybe one day, days like this won't be needed just to accept people as they are