Saturday, June 27, 2009

Not In Our Town

Just got word of this. Pass it on.
The School of Education at Queen's University, Belfast and Facing History and Ourselves are running a special seminar to provide an opportunity to discuss community responses to racism and sectarianism. This is part of our response to the recent hate crimes in Belfast and beyond.

The seminar will include a showing of the PBS film Not In Our Town which chronicled the response of a US town to hate attacks and encouraged the development of community responses to hate crimes. This will be followed by an open discussion on how we might respond to racism and sectarianism, with particular emphasis on the role of educators and youth organisations.

The seminar will run from 12.30pm to 2.00pm on Wednesday July 8 in the Cathcart Room, School of Education, 69/71 University Street.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Clearly the sunshine has gone to my head as I feel compelled to do a little blogging....

In the shed, door open, supervising many kids playing in Ana's paddling pool. It's nice to have a good excuse not to be inside working.

Anyway, went to see Anthony and the Johnsons last night. Spur of the moment decision made about an hour before I had to leave the house. You know what's lovely? Being in Belfast, the city of so much bigotry and hurt, surrounded by hundreds of people applauding the beauty of this wonderful transgender person. You won't hear about that on the radio.

He sang this one last night and I thought it was particularly good. I am dedicating it to Mags, my sister, and I do wish for all her dreams to come true. Ana is looking forward to a new cousin at the end of the year and we are all delighted to be thinking about a new life. It's also dedicated to sister Peterson whose visit we very much enjoyed last week. Thanks for bringing Glen to meet us P, so great to have you both; we were blessed, not only by your Scandinavian liquorice but also your stories and wisdom, not to mention child entertaining skillz.

Love to you three from us three. xxx