Monday, July 06, 2009

Stuff Christian Culture Likes

This website is funny. Particularly if you have encountered/ been a part of/ are still a part of evangelical Christian culture. I liked the post about having a man-crush on Bono. But also the one I've linked to, which is about getting rid of all your best (/'evil') music. I can only remember doing away with a pretty good album by The Cult. But I do remember quite vividly walking away from a lecture about backwards masking and the evils of rock music thinking, 'Wow, Led Zeppelin, they're pretty good!'. I later found a parental copy of 'Led Zeppelin Volume II' in the roofspace and leanred how to play 'Whole Lotta Love' on the (classical) guitar that belonged to my mother. These days you don't have to work too hard to get rid of your music, itunes will regularly delete it all without asking you :)


stephy said...

Aren't you nice! Thanks for the props.

stephy said...

Btw, I super love the Chick tract cartoon. Good call!